Jesus just concluded His sermon from Simon Peter’s boat in Luke 4:3. As a reward for Peter’s willingness to give up his boat as a floating pulpit. Jesus said, launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a great catch”(Luke5:4). Peter took a net and went fishing. The catch was so large they beckoned to their partners which were in the other ships to come and help them” (Luke 5:7). Even the other ships were overwhelmed by the catch!

For over 10 years, I have been casting the gospel net of Jesus Christ. Training, teaching, preaching and empowering the less privileged, marginalized, and oppressed. There is a great need to beckon for help. There are three ships that must come to our aid in reaching the masses for Christ: They are friendship, relationship, and partnership. Personal ministry, bonds us as friends and our time in God’s presence builds an intimate relationship. Mutual trust, belief, compassion and willingness leads to partnership.

My vision to reach the lost with a relevant message with sleeves rolled up from God must be supported by the prayers and support of our ministry partners. I have the dream, together we form the team, and the Holy Spirit gives us the steam, the drive, the wherewithal, the anointing to accomplish the task!

I am inspired to push this vision and form a partner base for our ministry. This group of believers from various denominations will become the foundational partners of our ministry. The loyal support, faithfulness and commitment of our partners will take us to destination.

Immediate Support is needed:

School of Theology - Your partnership helps us to train, minister and send them to the mission field. Help us to train and send them out.

And how shall they preach unless they are sent - Romans 10:15

Help Enlarge the School of Theology & Chaplaincy School through:

· Prayers

· Donation

· Referrals

· Sponsorship

· Volunteer

           · Be a Voice for the Voiceless

           · Help the helpless

           · Hope for the hopeless

           · Job for the Jobless

           · Home for the Homeless

           · Help to provide spiritual support for all

Partnership Benefits

Immediately upon becoming a Partner

· Personal letter from the founder

· Partner Certificate

· Spiritual Support

· Job Opportunities

· Networking Opportunities

· Loan Opportunities

· Business Opportunities

· Credit Empowerment

· A special area of our website designated especially for you, our partner!

· Special Partner email for prayer requests and praise reports

· Special discounts on the website, on selected merchandise throughout the year

  • Your giving allows us to provide for the less privileged and your giving allows our school to continue its mission
  • Your giving allows us to provide membership benefits to many
  • Your giving helps us to destroy poverty, Satans infrastructure
  • Your giving helps to execute special projects 
  • Your giving helps us to lift up the feeble.
  • Your giving helps us to show the love of Christ through social concerns
  • Your giving helps more than you can imagine.


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